Does glycine affect potency in men

Does glycine affect potency in men?

Impotence is a terrible diagnosis, from which no man is immune. Erectile dysfunction lies in wait not only for the old and infirm, but can poison the life of a beautiful, intelligent, successful gentleman in his prime. According to, the delicacy of the problem forces the stronger sex to seek salvation independently, sometimes resorting to questionable methods of treatment, drawing knowledge from various near-medical sources. Let’s try to figure out today whether it makes sense to take glycine for potency, what kind of drug it is, indications for its use, as well as side effects from taking it and contraindications.

Indications for the use of glycine

Glycine (Glicine) is a registered metabolic drug available in the list of medicines of the State Pharmacopoeia. It is also available in many dietary supplements.

According to the International Anatomical-therapeutic-chemical Classification, it is encoded with the cipher – N06BX. Under the letter “N” are listed medications that affect the nervous system. From the point of view of chemistry, it is an aminoacetic acid (aminoethane) belonging to the group of proteinogenic amino acids. It is an interchangeable amino acid – one that can be synthesized by the body. It is produced by hepatocytes from serine and threonine or comes from outside with food.

The instruction indicates the following effects of glycine on the body:

  • participates in metabolism, improves intracellular metabolism in neurons;
  • serves as a supplier of material for the synthesis of guanine, xanthine, adenine (purine bases) and natural porphyrins;
  • is an activator of the processes of inhibition of nerve cells.
  • regulates the work of NMDA (glutamate) receptors, as a result, the level of psycho-emotional tension and aggressiveness decreases;
  • blocks adreno-receptors;
  • participates in the synthesis of creatine, necessary for the growth of myocytes, energy production during physical exertion;
  • has antioxidant, antitoxic effects;
  • acts as one of the regulators of glucose metabolism;
  • normalizes the sleep process;
  • increases mental activity;
  • improves mood;
  • facilitates social adaptation;
  • reduces the severity of vegetative vascular disorders;
  • is an indispensable component of the synthesis of nucleic acids, glutathione, bile acids.

Glycine penetrates into most biological fluids and tissues. The accumulation of aminoacetic acid reserves by the body does not occur. Scientists have proved that in the body of an adult healthy person, on average, up to 3g of glycine is formed per day, and comes with food – from one and a half to three grams. Indications for the appointment of the drug:

  • Decreased mental abilities.
  • Stressful situations and psychoemotional overstrain.
  • In psychiatric practice – individual behavioral disorders, schizophrenia.
  • Neuroses and neurosis-like disorders.
  • Suffered neuroinfections, traumatic brain injuries.
  • Encephalopathy, including alcoholic
  • Insomnia.
  • Heart attacks and brain strokes.

Erectile dysfunction is not mentioned by the manufacturers of the drug in the instructions for the drug as an indication for its purpose. Let’s try to find out why there is a claim that taking glycine affects male potency.

The effect of glycine on potency

Erectile dysfunction has many causes, which are divided into two main groups: psychological (psychogenic) and organic (caused by diseases of the endocrine, nervous systems, complications of heart disease, kidney, pelvic injuries, the action of chemicals). In case of impotence of somatic etiology, taking aminoacetic acid not only will not have a positive therapeutic effect, but may aggravate the patient’s condition.

Sexual disorders of psychogenic etiology arise as a result of the complex influence of the following factors:

  • situational failure in bed;
  • problems of relationship with the woman you love;
  • features of personal perception of the situation.

Under such circumstances, it is possible that the attending physician will advise the man in combination with other methods of treatment, taking glycine. But it is important to understand that it will be only one of the methods of helping a gentleman, but not the main medicine.

The effect of the drug on the psycho-emotional level

Glycine has a beneficial effect on psychoemotional stress, promotes stability at the time of stress, increases mental performance. Specialists prescribe it to people with a labile nervous system. People who are subject to excessive emotional experiences, the drug helps to cope with a difficult life situation, survive depression, avoid overexcitation, uncontrolled aggression.

Instructions for the use of glycine for potency

The answer to the question of how to take glycine to improve potency is unambiguous – no way. This substance does not directly affect the male sexual function.

Such a serious condition as erectile dysfunction is never treated with one drug. Therefore, you should not start taking glycine without consulting an experienced specialist.

Let’s focus only on the main points related to the use of aminoacetic acid:

  • The tablet contains 100mg of the active substance.
  • It is prescribed sublingually (under the tongue) or transbuccally (between the gum and upper lip), it is kept in the mouth until complete resorption.
  • The time, frequency of administration, dosage – is determined by the doctor, It depends on the disease, age, weight, individual characteristics of the patient’s body.
  • Usually the course of treatment is from two weeks to a month.

The drug is sometimes recommended to reduce the toxic effect of certain medications (antidepressants, anticonvulsants). When taken simultaneously with tranquilizers and sleeping pills, there is a potentiation (enhancement) of the effect of inhibition of the nervous system.

Glycine and alcohol

One of the reasons for erectile dysfunction, and sometimes the main reason, is such a terrible phenomenon as alcohol abuse. Glycine is prescribed by narcologists for the treatment of addiction, after which a man may well feel an increase in sexuality and associate this condition with taking this drug, although, in fact, an erection is restored due to getting rid of alcohol intoxication.

According to the current legislation, the pharmacist has the right to sell it without a doctor’s prescription, since the drug belongs to over-the-counter forms

How can glycine improve potency?

Various reviews that glycine can improve potency are either a conscious deception or a sincere delusion of a person who took the drug and felt an increase in sexual ability, mistakenly associating it with taking aminoacetic acid. It is possible to defeat erectile dysfunction with this medication if an erectile dysfunction is caused by:

  • stress;
  • overwork;
  • traumatic experiences;
  • situational factor;
  • anxiety-suspicious character traits;
  • conflicts with a partner;
  • neurosis;
  • alcohol abuse.

But at the same time, glycine has never been prescribed in isolation as a monopreparation. Impotence therapy is only successful if it is carried out by a team of specialists after a thorough diagnosis of the cause, comprehensively, using various methods of treatment.

Contraindications and side effects

Manufacturers of glycine indicate in the instructions that it is categorically contraindicated for children under 18 years of age, people with low blood pressure, as well as intolerance to this drug. The substance is considered low-toxic. Aminoacetic acid is neutralized by liver cells, decomposing to water and carbon dioxide. Cases of drug overdose are not described in the medical literature.

Glycine is rapidly excreted from the body, so taking aminoacetic acid is practically not accompanied by side effects.

Thus, glycine does not directly affect male potency. Therefore, it makes no sense for a gentleman to try to improve sexuality with his help. But, in some forms of erectile dysfunction, the appointment of aminoacetic acid as one of the components of complex treatment is quite justified.

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